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Tidewater Patriots

The Tidewater Patriots were created with a simple mission: to provide committed lacrosse players with elite instruction, challenging competition, and recruiting exposure at a reasonable cost.

Whereas many travel programs focus primarily on tournament play, the Patriots focus first and foremost on player development. Each Patriot playing season consists of numerous practice sessions during which fundamentals are perfected and advanced concepts are taught. The Patriot coaching staff believes that this approach fosters greater individual improvement and future success in the sport.

Tryouts for the Patriot teams are open to all age-appropriate boys and team selections are based on ability, character and potential. Boys who show great promise and who are willing to learn (but who may not be on the ‘A’ team) are always welcome to try out for the program. Boys who participate with other teams are also welcome to become members of the Tidewater Patriots. The Patriot program does not believe in limiting one’s opportunity to grow in the sport.

The Tidewater Patriots conduct playing seasons in early summer and fall. Each season lasts approximately 8-10 weeks and consists of up to 12 practice sessions and 2-3 tournaments. Tournament selection is based on the quality of the event, level of competition, location, and, for the Showcase High School team, potential recruiting exposure.

Tournament playing time is determined by a number of factors, including attendance at practice and player conduct. While all Patriots can expect to receive relatively equal playing time over the course of a tournament, it will not always be the case. Just as player development is important to the Patriot program, so is winning.

Finally, all Patriots can expect to be coached in an honest and positive manner. It is the goal of the Patriots to provide coaches who are both role models and builders of successful boys and young men. Accordingly, all Patriots and Patriot parents can receive free, knowledgeable advice on playing and educational opportunities. High School players, in particular, benefit from Head Coach Chris Swanenburg’s 20 years of experience with the college recruiting process and receive sound instruction on how to best pursue and select college options.